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    Saurabh KumarSaurabh Kumar


    I am new to MagCAD. I am trying the implement the majority voter. I thought that if i put a inverter just before the output of the minority voter I would get the output but I am not getting the correct output.
    Another question is if my inputs are A B C and B input is in the other layer then how will my truth table look like?( What will be the MSB and LSB)
    {B A C pattern or B C A pattern}

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    the input laying on different layer will count as an opposite value, due to ferro-magnetic interaction. The order of the inputs in a truth table is not significant. Each value has the same weight.
    If the inputs are A=0 B=0 C=1, and B is on a different layer, the output will be 0, indeed B is counting as 1 in the minority voter.
    To obtain a majority voter an inverter after the nucleation center is enough.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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