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Saurabh KumarSaurabh Kumar

Thanks. IT WORKS!!!!.
Still I feel not satisfied. Reason being, When I use the concept of Black Box and implement, the area and latency increases. If I don’t use the black box concept, the area and latency is reduced.

Example an full adder without the black box thing occupies area of 4.18 um2 whereas with the black_box it occupies an area of 8.1um2.

I get the thing that the area will definitely increase because we are adding inputs, wires, and outputs.

But would’t it be better that the area/latency shouldn’t increase. We use the concept of hierarchical method to ease our designing part but if this is at the cost of area and latency, it wouldn’t justify.


when we implement this physically, the area and latency will be reduced (as compared to hierarchical method) irrespective of the design and latency shown in simulation(of hierarchical method) ?